Welcome to the shop, Thinx!

Welcome to the shop, Thinx!

Women are strong and powerful. We get things done when no one else can, and we do it all while handling the unique experience of menstruation. Thinx period panties make it easier and more enjoyable to go about our daily life while on our period. Which is why we are SO happy to announce that Dear Society is the very first retailer to be carrying Thinx

Come to the shop to celebrate womanhood and learn more about why we love Thinx & how they make our life so much better during that oh so special week. ***We were skeptical too, but after we all used them, we can't imagine our periods without them! 

We have 5 different styles and all sizes available! 

See you soon Dears! 

*The Broadway Shop
3566 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111


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