Scorpio Season | A Transformative Style Guide

Written by: Maria Flowers


Scorpio season

It's no secret how Samhain, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos all take place during Scorpio season. Ruled by the 8th house in traditional astrology, Scorpio governs all things taboo; from matters of sex, death, and the occult, to the enigmatic realms of mystery and financeThis time isn't just for dusting off your broomstick and rewatching The Craft (although we won't stop you); it's an invitation to fully embrace the profound transformation that Scorpio's radiate.


Scorpio, reigned by the dynamic forces of Pluto and Mars, wields the unique blend of transformation and determination, creating a cosmic synergy that defines its enigmatic and intense character. As we draw inspiration from some of our most stylish Scorpios, such as Kendall Jenner, Alexa Chung, and Tracee Ellis Ross, we're delving into a fashion realm characterized by black-on-black ensembles, seductive silhouettes, and daring sartorial statements.


To get you inspired for this season, we've rounded up some of our favorite Scorpio-approved looks and gifts for fall/winter 2023.


There's a reason you won't find delicate white linen or silk pieces in this edit, and that's not because Scorpios lack the appreciation for such fabrics. On the contrary, Scorpios are drawn to materials and silhouettes that exude strength and resilience, opting for structured pieces that match their affinity for authority. 


We chose the Black Illi Crop Wool Blazer for this reason. Boasting a strong shoulder and a cropped cut in one powerful statement piece, it encapsulates Scorpio's empowered spirit. And lucky you, there's a matching skort



Anna Wintour, a Scorpio, famously said her penchant for sunglasses was a means to conceal her thoughts. It's a sentiment that resonates deeply with the enigmatic nature of Scorpios. IYKYK. 


Introduce these Studio Cleo sunglasses into your collection, and channel your inner Anna Wintour. Because in the realm of Scorpio, keeping your next move close to the chest is an art form in itself. 



Indulging in luxurious leather accents and finishes is a sophisticated and fitting tribute to your inner Scorpio. With their fixed and determined nature, this sign gravitates toward elements that exude strength and resilience.


Leather, with its timeless appeal and innate durability, mirrors their powerful presence and unyielding character. The Flattered Alya Black Croco Leather Heels are no exception. 


Just as Scorpios possess an ability to ignite desire and fascination, a captivating fragrance has the power to evoke deep emotions and leave an lasting impression. 


Much like the enigmatic sign, sensuality in a scent goes beyond the surface, delving into the mysterious and magnetic. Soft notes of vetiver and sandalwood in Maison Louis Marie's No. 04 Bois De Balincourt Perfume Oil do just that. 



Is the color red genuinely seen as a risk? Well, that's a matter of perspective. But for a Scorpio, the color red holds a special significance, as it pays homage to their inherent power and passion.


This rich and vibrant hue supremely encapsulates the spirit of Scorpio and the Bebe Cherry Red Organic Tee is the perfect (and safe) transition into a bold fall wardrobe staple. And if you're craving more red, this Red Wool Winnie Scarf will do the trick. 


A timeless black dress is a wardrobe essential, and it aligns perfectly with Scorpio's enigmatic fashion preferences.


To add seduction and allure to the mix, the Bec + Bridge Julien Asymmetrical Maxi Dress offers a unique take on a classic wardrobe staple. Perfect for all of your witching duties.


As the sun passes through this powerful sign October 23 - November 21, here's a brief glimpse into your astrological forecast:

Aries RisingPrepare for a profound journey into the depths of your inner self, shared resources, intimacy and healing, and notice what mysteries you are drawn to.

Taurus Rising: Your close relationships take center stage this month, allowing you to foster deeper connections and unveil hidden truths of passion and intensity, whilst letting go of control.

Gemini Rising: You'll be taking a closer look at your daily routine and how you take care of yourself this season, investigating the ways in which you can purify your existence for better alignment.


Cancer Rising: Pleasure and joy are on the forefront of your awareness, inviting a desire for deep, transformative self-expression in the realms of romance, hobbies, and artistic pursuits.

Leo Rising: Home life and family become an important focus right now as you dig deep to investigate the foundations you come from and the ones you're building.


Virgo Rising: Expect a period of intense communication and deep thinking, leading to transformative insights and powerful, if occasionally secretive, interactions in your immediate environment.

Libra Rising: An intimate look at values is in order, as you offer up a new perspective on the material possessions in your life and financial opportunities that come your way.


Scorpio Rising: This is your season as the attention is shifted on how you declare yourself in the world and the rewards that come when you take a risk in independence and self-mastery.


Sagittarius Rising: True spiritual security comes when you spend more time with yourself and as you receive the spiritual insight from retreating during this time, you are guided past your fears.


Capricorn Rising: Pay close attention to the friendships formed and the groups you belong to during this period, as these magnetic arenas work to expose the truth of your desires.


Aquarius Rising: Hard work pays off when you publicly establish the power within yourself, and this might be the time where you find transformation in your profession and goals.


Pisces Rising: Exploring higher forms of thought and expanded horizons can take you to far away places, especially when you're willing to share your knowledge with others.