Sagittarius Season | An Expansive Style Guide

Written by: Maria Flowers


Sagittarius Season

Guided by the optimistic spirit of Walt Disney, a notable Sagittarius who famously said, "If you can dream it, you can do it," Sagittarius season beckons the star-gazing, adventure-seeking, and positive-thinking facets of our being. Sitting on the threshold of the new year, this season is the time to dream big and cast our visions far and wide, as we curate our bucket lists, stamp our passports and make our dreams come true. 

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, and abundance, Sagittarius season weaves it's optimistic energy throughout our daily experience. Beyond material wealth, Jupiter's influence extends into the realms of knowledge, wisdom, and self-discovery, inviting us to embark on a journey of intellectual and spiritual expansion. Within this positive embrace, an abundant mind becomes a currency that transcends material boundaries, bringing with it a bounty of gratitude, exploration, and openness to every corner of life.

As we pull inspiration from some of the most stylish Sagittarius icons, such as Hailey Bieber, Zoë Kravitz, and Taylor Swift, we're looking at a fashion vision of studious staples, laid-back pieces and a freedom of expression.


To get you inspired for this season, we've rounded up some of our favorite Sagittarius-approved looks and gifts for fall/winter 2023.


A staple item in any Sagittarius closet is the timeless loafer and few embody this look with as much style as fellow Sagittarius, Hailey Bieber. Seamlessly navigating the intersection of academia and individuality, Hailey Bieber creates an effortless off-duty, yet put together outfit each time. 

To achieve this classic look, pair the Flattered Stella Black Leather Loafers with The Solids White Crew Socks.


The forward-thinking energies of Sagittarius season create the opportune time for self-growth and discovery. During this period, consider the invaluable companionship of a trusted journal, a helpful resource that can serve as your roadmap for personal evolution.

The Best Year Journal comes with inspirational pages, structure for mapping out your year and exercises that spark inspiration. Make 2024 the best year yet. 


The beauty of denim lies in its versatility, enabling an effortless transition from day to night, reflecting Sagittarius's dynamic and ever-changing nature. Paired with a matching skirt, our Denim Cinched Waist Jacket forms a relaxed ensemble that defies conventionality.


Drawing inspiration from style icon and Sagittarius, Zoë Kravitz, whose effortlessly cool aesthetic is nothing short of iconic, a denim-centric look transforms into a celebration of individuality and laid-back vibes.


In traditional astrology, Sagittarius governs all things travel, culture and exploration, making this season the perfect time to stretch beyond our comfort zones and try something new. 


If you're a fan of the aromatic notes of patchouli and tonka bean, look no further than the the Fiele Fragrances Pogostemon, cultivated in Indonesia. This sensual and uplifting scent is an updated take on the patchouli craze of the 60's, transporting you to distant lands and inviting you to embrace the spirit of cultural exploration.


Pulling together an autumn-ready outfit is easy when you have a solid pair of boots to sport all (football) season long. Just ask Taylor Swift, a fully embodied Sagittarius, who effortlessly masters the art of autumn fashion.

As a self-proclaimed “basic autumn lover”, Taylor Swift is known for her affinity to knee high boots. To cop Swift's fall fashion, the Ferner's Midnight Extreme Cafe Boot not only serves as an elevated take on the classic staple, but channels the essence of her latest album Midnights, providing the fusion of elegance and edge to a simple style we love so much.


If there's one word to sum up the spirit of Sagittarius, it's freedom. Free-flowing fabrics like satin, silk, and chiffon are prime choices, reflecting the easygoing and adventurous nature of this sign. 

Comfortable yet stylish pieces, like the Trois Chocolate Satin Long Sleeve Dress effortlessly transition from casual to chic, allowing Sagittarians alike the freedom to adapt to any spontaneous adventure or social gathering.


As the sun makes its way through this lucky sign November 22 to December 21, here's a brief glimpse into your astrological forecast:

Aries RisingPrepare for opportunities related to travel and philosophical exploration. Navigate the bigger questions in life and tune into the adventure-seeking spirit that helps you broaden your perspective and understanding. 

Taurus Rising: Lean towards profound self-reflection and transformative experiences this month. Explore the depths of your emotions, embrace change, and nurture intimate connections for a season of personal growth and rebirth.

Gemini Rising: Your close relationships take a more adventurous and expansive tone this month. Dive into shared experiences, traverse new horizons with your significant other, and foster deeper connections and mutual adventures.


Cancer Rising: A boost to your daily routine and well-being is underway. Lean towards opportunities for personal growth, explore new health practices, and look for moments of fun and optimism in your work.

Leo Rising: A burst of creativity and romantic energy is in your corner this season. Welcome the adventurous spirit of the heart, indulge in playful self-expression, and allow yourself to revel in joyful and spontaneous experiences.


Virgo Rising: Expect expansion and adventure to infuse your home and family life. Whether you are diving into the exploration of your roots, creating an atmosphere of open-mindedness, or adorning your spaces with good-luck charms, let the expansive energy guide you towards abundant foundations. 

Libra Rising: You are on a quest of intellectual exploration this season, embracing the spirit of curiosity and discovery. Engage in meaningful conversations, and allow your mind to wander freely, as you uncover new perspectives and knowledge that will enrich your communication skills.


Scorpio Rising: Your financial landscape takes on an adventurous tone during this time. Seek prosperity through diverse avenues, explore new callings, and let this lucky energy guide you towards unexpected abundance.


Sagittarius Rising: This is your month as you are called to explore the uncharted territories of your true self. Embrace the spirited adventures of the mind and spirit, allowing your identity to be guided towards expansion.


Capricorn Rising: Spiritual evolution comes when you carve out time for solo adventures and rest. Use this moment to channel insights through quiet acts of inner expansion and see where your subconscious takes you. 


Aquarius Rising: The friendships formed and the groups you are drawn to to during this period get a dose of prosperity. These open containers pull your closer to your dreams as you form connections that make your cup overfloweth.


Pisces Rising: This is the time to publicly establish the wisdom within yourself. Search for expansiveness in your profession and goals, embrace the adventurous spirit of your ambitions and know that sky is the limit.