Capricorn Season | Embracing Quiet Luxury

Written by: Maria Flowers


Capricorn Season

Repeat after me: quiet luxury is a Capricorn birthright. 

After scouring the internet for commonalities among those with Sun, Venus, Ascendant, or 2nd house in Capricorn, one undeniable trait emerges— understated elegance. From structured silhouettes to neutral monochromatic looks, Capricorn placements exude the essence of “quiet luxury” more than any other sign.

Notable figures representing this refined aesthetic include Caroline Bessette Kennedy (Capricorn Sun), Naomi Campbell (Capricorn Rising), Cindy Crawford (Venus in Capricorn), and Sofia Richie Grainge (Capricorn in 2nd house). And what's fascinating is that most of these icons are primarily celebrated for their timeless 90s style, accentuating the evergreen quality inherent in Capricorn fashion. Standing the test of time, each individual serves as living proof that sophistication never goes out of style. 

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of contraction, discipline and responsibility, there’s no coincidence that those with Capricorn placements master the quiet luxury aesthetic with such purpose and curation. This is partially due to Capricorn’s pragmatic tendency when it comes to materialistic items. Saturn is a slow moving planet after all, so there's not much room for spontaneity with a Capricorn's wardrobe. Instead, the Capricorn demeanor leans towards form and function — an affinity to covertly luxurious items, investment pieces with enduring value, high-quality materials, and refined classics that get better with age. 

As we navigate the transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn, we are grounded back into reality, where dreams evolve into purposeful goals, and the pursuit of a refined lifestyle becomes an art form. In a world often captivated by fleeting trends, Capricorn’s commitment to grace and functionality is a beacon of sophistication – a Dear Society credo.  

Read on to draw inspiration for this season, as we've curated some of our favorite Capricorn-approved looks and gifts and take a look at our Feminine Archetype Gift Guide under “Leader” for even more ideas. 


Guided by Saturn, Capricorn placements thrive with structure and a tailored suit perfectly captures the disciplined essence of this earth sign. Icons like Diane Keaton, Naomi Campbell, and Michelle Obama have effortlessly embodied the quiet strength and refinement that comes with being a Capricorn, showcasing the timeless allure of a well-crafted suit.


The Significant Other Ash Joie Belted Blazer is a modern take on a cult classic, giving your Capricorn wardrobe a contemporary edge while still honoring the evergreen appeal of structured elegance. Pair with these trousers to complete the look. 

Image from Pinterest: Naomi Campbell (Sun in Capricorn)


We'd be foolish not to include a planner in a Capricorn guide—after all, it's the indispensable tool that aligns seamlessly with the meticulous and organized nature of this earth sign. Chart ambitious goals, deadlines, and find the most disciplined path to success with the Quarterly Productive Planner by Intelligent Change. Make 2024 a year of purpose!


After discussing Capricorn's love for structured elegance, it may come to a surprise that an item as simple as a white tee plays a significant role in their well-polished wardrobe. When researching the styles of iconic Capricorn placements like Kate Moss and Dakota Johnson, elevated basics became a testament to Capricorn's ability to infuse even the most straightforward pieces with a touch of refinement. Two words: quiet luxury. 

For an understated yet put together look, pair the Bebe White Organic Tee with Abrand Jeans and loafers.

Image from Pinterest: Dakota Johnson (Capricorn Rising)


In astrology, each zodiac sign governs a specific area of the human body. Capricorns, known for their resilience and strength, naturally rule the skin, bones, teeth and skeletal system. We learn something new every day! 

A great gift idea for the Capricorn in your life, the Isla Beauty Whipped Dream Moisturizer is meticulously crafted to nourish and fortify, providing a protective shield for your skin. Formulated in Switzerland with concentrations of niacinimide and ceramides, Whipped Dream brightens, protects, and helps reverse the natural loss of skin barrier function. 


In the realm of Capricorn fashion, the resurgence of flats aligns seamlessly with the practical and purposeful approach that defines the quiet luxury aesthetic. Capricorns appreciate fashion that not only exudes class but also complements their active and goal-oriented lifestyle. 


Blending comfort and refinment, the Intentionally Blank Ballet Flats are your trusted companion throughout many seasons. Dress up or down, these flats effortlessly transition from professional settings to casual outings.


Image from Pinterest: Princess Diana (Capricorn in 2nd house)


A Capricorn's inherent preference for simplicity, functionality, and timeless style hints at a potential role in pioneering the "capsule wardrobe." The classic white shirt, a must-have for this earth sign, perfectly embodies this aesthetic. The late Caroline Bessette Kennedy, a Capricorn Sun celebrated for her early adaptation of the quiet luxury aesthetic, expertly elevated pieces like the classic white shirt, revealing her signature edited style. 

A contemporary version of a wardrobe staple, the St. Agni Open Back Button Down Shirt is a modern take on the effortless “always put together” look of Capricorn. For a more conservative look, consider this button down

Image from Pinterest: Caroline Bessette Kennedy (Sun in Capricorn)


No Capricorn style guide is complete without recognizing the iconic fashion influence of Kate Middleton. Renowned for her impeccably tailored outfits, the Duchess of Cambridge effortlessly captures the subtle yet dynastic essence of what it means to be a Capricorn.

Our Charcoal Tailored Long Coat accentuates a graceful silhouette with an hourglass-fitted waist, elegantly padded shoulders, full sleeves, and chic flap pockets. The perfect ensemble for all your winter outings, royal or not.



Embracing the philosophy that less is more, a Capricorn's wardrobe reflects a commitment to essentials without ever compromising on style. Their thoughtful choices encompass a deliberate and refined approach to accessorizing, opting for unassuming accessories that seamlessly mirror their discerning taste and grounded nature.

Inspired by Caroline Bessette Kennedy's iconic minimal frames, the Beyond Stranger Cleo Sunglasses epitomize the Capricorn's pursuit of understated elegance.  

Image from Pinterest: Caroline Bessette Kennedy (Sun in Capricorn)


As the sun makes its way through this powerful sign December 22 - January 19, here's a brief glimpse into your astrological energy:

Aries Rising: Focus on your career path with an organized and strategic approach during this time. Set ambitious professional goals, establish a reputation for reliability and competence, and let the determined energy of this season guide you toward long-term success.

Taurus Rising: Broadening your horizons through a structured exploration of philosophical ideas is one way to expand. Set practical milestones for travel and learning, engage in purposeful experiences that open your mind, and take yourself to new intellectual heights.

Gemini Rising: You'll be diving into transformative experiences, best to do so with a regulated psyche. Explore shared resources and investments carefully, embrace personal growth through methodical changes, and let the focused energy of this season guide you through profound realizations.


Cancer Rising: Your partnerships might take on a more practical and grounded nature this season. Cultivate relationships that align with your long-term goals, communicate openly and purposefully with your significant other, and lead your interactions with practicality. 

Leo Rising: Pay attention to your well-being by incorporating practical health routines right now. Focus on efficient self-care, establish a structured daily routine, and use this time to cultivate habits that contribute to your physical and mental fitness.


Virgo Rising: Your creative pursuits and romantic endeavors may do well with more strategy this season. Set realistic artistic goals, approach relationships with purpose, and move towards expressing your passions more intentionally.


Libra Rising: There's a determination to create a secure and integrated home environment right now. Work to strengthen family bonds, establish a sense of stability in your living space, and nurture a foundation that supports emotional well-being.


Scorpio Rising: In the realm of communication and learning, focusing on structured and purposeful interactions will take you far. Approach learning with a practical mindset, engage in meaningful conversations, and use disciplined communication to convey your ideas with confidence.


Sagittarius Rising: Take a peek at your financial landscape with a more pragmatic mindset. Implement practical strategies to manage resources, set achievable financial goals, and build a stable foundation for lasting values and security.


Capricorn Rising: The spotlight is on you as you are encouraged to embrace a more determined approach to personal growth right now. Set ambitious goals for yourself, cultivate self-control, and let the energy of this time guide you in becoming the best version of yourself.


Aquarius Rising: Finding spiritual growth through disciplined introspection and solitude may be just what you need. Use this time for quiet reflection, explore your inner self with purpose, and work to connect with your spirituality on a deeper level.


Pisces Rising: You'll find camaraderie when you work to cultivate meaningful connections within your social circles. Set practical goals for your involvement in community activities, contribute purposefully to group endeavors, and let this determined energy foster lasting connections.