BIPOC Brands In Shop

Written by: Maria Flowers


From fashion collections to sustainable beauty, Dear Society is home to several BIPOC brands that redefine the standards of excellence.

Each brand within our curated collection represents a fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary aesthetics, offering a unique perspective on style and beauty.

With a commitment to inclusivity, these brands go beyond the ordinary, crafting products that are intentionally made and resonate with the diverse tapestry of our community.

1. Kara Yoo


Kara Yoo's designs seamlessly marry west-coast laid-back aesthetics with nuanced proportions, weaving a captivating tapestry that blends East-Asian minimalism and North American maximalism. Drawing inspiration from vintage pieces and pop-culture motifs, Kara Yoo's creative expression undergoes a continual evolution, resulting in a unique and dynamic aesthetic.

2. Etica Denim


Based in Los Angeles, ÉTICA revolutionizes premium denim with a commitment to fair labor, eco-friendly practices, and social responsibility. Using advanced technologies, the brand significantly reduces water, energy, and chemical usage, exceeding industry standards. Their directional design approach combines premium fabrics, vintage-inspired washes, and refined fits, challenging the stereotype that fashion and sustainability can't coexist.

3. Brooklyn Candle Studio


Brooklyn Candle Studio crafts accessible luxury home fragrances using 100% soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks in their Sunset Park workshop, prioritizing eco-friendly practices and fair wages for their in-house team, creating a sensory experience from artful packaging to warm candlelight and delicate aromas.

4. Sigma Beauty


Originating from Brazil, Dr. Simone Xavier and her husband, Rene Filho, founded Sigma Beauty after observing the demand for makeup products not readily available in Brazil. This realization led them to identify a niche for high-quality, affordable beauty tools, culminating in Sigma Beauty's establishment.

5. Melie Bianco


Melie Bianco's award-winning vegan leather handbags are meticulously crafted with compassion in a cruelty-free, ethically-driven environment that adheres to fair trade principles. Utilizing Polyurethane, a material that mimics the luxurious aesthetics of real leather without the detrimental environmental effects of cheap plastics, Melie Bianco takes pride in investing a bit more to provide superior quality and sustainability.

6. Habit Cosmetics



Motivated by the absence of inclusive representation for women of color with a passion for both wellness and clean makeup, Habit founder Aja Frierson aimed to establish a brand that not only emphasizes inclusivity but also provides top-tier clean makeup products. 

7. NIA


NIA is a Los Angeles based label designed by Sonia Parvaneh. Her designs feature modern, sexy and cool silhouettes, perfect for any occasion. 


8. Maude


Born in New Mexico, Eva Coicochea spent the early days of her career as a legislative aide in healthcare and then a decade working with forward thinking companies. Exhausted of seeing sexual wellness aisles look the same, she took it upon herself to create the next chapter in the sexual wellness industry with products built on quality, simplicity and inclusivity.