Aquarius Season | The Conversation Starter

Written by: Maria Flowers


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Aquarius Season

Understanding an Aquarius through the eyes of an astrologer might seem straightforward, but in reality, it's quite the challenge. These individuals, though sharing the same zodiac sign, present an impressive diversity that defies easy categorization.

While their close neighbor Capricorn has a very distinctive and defining look, Aquarius leaves room for our imagination. Known for challenging norms and pushing beyond the expected, this Uranus-ruled sign teaches us to embrace our individual nature - whatever that looks like. 

But if we are looking for the commonality in Aquarius placements, a defining trait does emerge — the audacity to be themselves. Aquarius folk are the shape-shifters of the zodiac, embracing a wide range of looks reflecting their ever-evolving and uniquely individual identities. Look to Aquarius style icons Zendaya, Emma Roberts, Harry Styles, and Julia Fox for a glimpse into this diversity. Attempting to pinpoint a single Aquarius style proves futile, as each one represents a universe of complete originality. Yet, the steadfast refusal to conform to conventional guidelines binds them closely together. 

As we take inspiration from some of pop-culture's most daring Aquarius fashion moments, we are reminded of our own individuality and the consequences of confronting outdated norms. You might be judged, mis-understood or told to color inside the lines, but those perceptions often come from eyes with a narrow point of view. With the Sun entering Aquarius, we are being asked to challenge the status quo, fight for our right to individualize the human experience and bring innovative change to the world at large.   Read on to draw more inspiration for this season, with our curation of Aquarius-approved looks and gifts. 


Fearlessly quirky and unabashedly unconventional, Aquarians excel at crafting distinctive fashion statements. They embrace controversy and spark conversations with their wardrobe choices, particularly when daring to defy the conventional norms ingrained in society. 

We're not suggesting pushing boundaries to the extent of Aquarius trendsetter Julia Fox. However, the Bec + Bridge Citrus Spiral Crush Top boldly challenges our cultural inclination for minimalism and conservative silhouettes. It steps outside conventional boundaries, guaranteed to spark conversations. And you know what? Let them talk.

Julia Fox Outfit
Image from Pinterest: Julia Fox (Sun in Aquarius)


This might come to a surprise to most, but each astrological sign is associated with a body part. Aquarius is governed by the ankles, shins and circulatory system, symbolizing the forward movement and progressive mentality of this Uranus-ruled sign.

We chose the Wolf Circus Kennedy Beaded Anklet for this reason. While we can't promise enhanced circulation or stronger ankles for our Aquarius friends, what we can guarantee is an elevated sense of individuality. It's all about embracing and expressing your undeniable self.


Aquarians effortlessly embody androgynous style, as exemplified by iconic figures like Harry Styles, Sharon Stone and the late David Bowie. They consistently embraced gender-fluid designs, showcasing a forward-thinking approach that perfectly aligns with Aquarius' commitment to equality and freedom of expression.

The Espresso Brown Kara Trousers, boasting a versatile and chic design, serve as the quintessential androgynous staple for any closet. Inspired by Sharon Stone's iconic oversized suit ensemble, these trousers become a canvas for expressing individuality and embracing the inclusive spirit championed by Aquarius. It's an open invitation—everyone is welcome!

Sharon Stone Outfit
Image from Pinterest: Sharon Stone (Venus in Aquarius)


Aquarius often arises in discussions about aliens, artificial intelligence, space exploration, and cutting-edge technology. This sign acts as a symbolic bridge connecting the celestial and technological realms, urging us to explore infinite possibilities.

While we're not asserting a belief in aliens, envision this: a spacecraft lands in the unlikely event, and you'd probably want to be fashionably prepared. Adorn yourself in Aquarius-approved color palettes featuring silver, chrome, and metallic tones, embodied by the Bec + Bridge Oyster Farah Cowl Dress. Who knows, you might just secure a comfy spot in the Mother Ship.


In the world of pop culture, Elton John shines as a monumental style icon, and it's no coincidence that his Venus is in Aquarius. Your Venus sign is like a fashion compass, guiding your style choices and revealing how you express yourself in both relationships and personal adornment. Elton John's bold and flamboyant style stands as a vibrant testament to the eccentric and highly unique qualities associated with this zodiac sign.

Enter the Beyond Stranger Studio Freya Sunglasses—a nod to Elton John's avant-garde fashion legacy and his collection of bold vintage eyewear. Fun fact: Elton John claims he owns 250,000 pairs of sunglasses, so adding one more to your wardrobe won't hurt.

Elton John Sunglasses
Image from Pinterest: Elton John (Venus in Aquarius)


Despite being an air sign, Aquarius is dubbed the "water-bearer" and is linked to the color blue. This paradoxical association adds complexity to the Aquarian identity, blending air's clarity with water's fluidity. The water-bearer imagery in astrology symbolizes the flow of innovative and progressive ideas, while the color blue underscores Aquarius' ability to bring forth transformative waves of intellectual and humanitarian pursuits.

We chose this corset top from Nia the Label as our "something blue", symbolizing the harmonious union of air and water elements in Aquarius. Pair this with literally anything you want and you've got yourself an Aquarius fit.


Aquarians have an appreciation for vintage items, as they are often one-of-a-kind pieces that can't be found anywhere else. This penchant for unique and timeless treasures reflects their individualistic approach to style, where each vintage find becomes a statement piece that echoes the distinctive spirit of Aquarius.

Celebrating the beauty of bygone eras, our shop is full of unique vintage pieces fit for an Aquarius, like this Alpaca and Mohair Maxi Coat. For even more vintage drops, peep our Instagram stories and visit us in person. 


As the Sun makes its way through Aquarius January 20 - February 19, here's a brief glimpse into your astrological energy:

Aries Rising: You will be focused on your social circles and collective dreams, uncovering new experiences within your friend groups and communities. You might find yourself with embracing unconventional friendships and working through goals that help the world at large.

Taurus Rising: You will be embracing transformative shifts in your professional life, working to express your authentic self in your public persona. You might find a unique path to success, opting for a less conventional path that leads to a major breakthrough.

Gemini Rising: You will be busy with exploration and pursuing higher knowledge, embracing out-of-the-box philosophies and a more worldly point of view. You might be doing some long-distance travel, breaking free of limiting beliefs and embracing your spiritual side.


Cancer Rising: You will be more interested in healing and self-improvement, realizing what negative patterns hold you back. You might find innovative ways to tend to mental health or you might be uncovering new forms of passive income. 

Leo Rising: You will be going through a transformative breakthrough in your close partnerships. You might be finding ways to be more independent and radically authentic in your 1:1's or entering a new chapter in a relationship. 


Virgo Rising: You will be adopting an innovative approach to your daily routines and work life. You may find yourself embracing a healthier lifestyle, opting for alternative ways of taking care of your body and wanting to find more purpose in your work. 


Libra Rising: You will be urged to express your creative side with more independence and find ways to enjoy yourself outside of the mundane. You might be going on unconventional dates, uncovering lost hobbies and infusing your life with more pleasure.


Scorpio Rising: You will more focused on your sense of home and family, welcoming any change and evolution in this part of your life. You might explore your ancestry, discover something new about your roots or redefine your physical home space. 


Sagittarius Rising: You will working on unconventional ways to get your ideas across, whether through social media, podcast, writing or some other form of communication. You might experience sudden shifts in your daily life and perhaps an interest in learning new information.  


Capricorn Rising: You will be exploring innovated ways to make money and hone in on your values. You might be rethinking financial strategies, embracing creativity when it comes to finances and discovering novel ways to build and secure your assets. 


Aquarius Rising: You will be preparing for a powerful transformation in your self-image and how your express your individuality. You may be breaking free from old ways of being, cultivating more self-love, and working to embracing your true identity.


Pisces Rising: You will be embarking on a cosmic journey within your subconscious and exploring unconventional ways of healing. You may be letting go of old patterns, learning to trust your intuition more, and navigating your inner world with transformative modalities.