Urb Apothecary Bath Salt Test Tube


These beautiful salt soaks are now available in glass test tubes, making them perfect stocking stuffers, birthday gifts or bridesmaids gifts! 

Salts work in combination with botanicals and finely ground oats to detox, ease problem skin, relieve muscle soreness, and replenish essential minerals.

Each glass test tube contains about 1 oz. sealed with a cork stopper. When you are done with your soak use them to store herbs, joints, spices, or turn them into bud vases.

INGREDIENTS // Magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), Sonoma coast sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, Matricaria recutita* (chamomile) flowers, Lavendula angustifolia* (lavender) flowers, Calendula officinalis* (calendula) flowers, Helianthus annuus* (sunflower) petals, colloidal Avena sativa (oatmeal), Lavendula angustifolia* (lavender) essential oil and good energy *organic

INGREDIENTS // Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, Sonoma coast sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, rosa ramascena* (red rose petals), citrus aurantium var.* (bergamot) essential oil and good energy *organic