Shop Girl Favs Jan. 2020


From The Shop:

Tribe Alive High Rise Pant
I'm very excited to have this sustainable line in the shop!
NOTO Resurface Scrub
This scrub makes my dry, winter skin feel extra soft and smooth. 
Oceano Print by Wilde House Paper
These colors together are very calming and beautiful. 


Currently Listening To: 

My 'Soft' Playlist on Spotify. 
A sexy winter playlist feat. a bunch of badass women. 

Currently Watching: 

Grand Design. In typical Chanel fashion, I'm about 5 years late on watching a show. But now that I know it exists, I'm hooked. 

On My Wishlist: 
The "All Over Velvet Table Lamp with Fringe" available on Rockett St. George. 

The color, the shape, the velvet, that fringe. It's absolutely perfect. 



From The Shop:
One of my favorite pieces in the shop right now is the Rolla's Sailor Jean in Stone. It's high waist and wide leg is so flattering and the neutral stone color feels fresh to me. 

I also love the Nesting Corn Baskets. This time of year always inspires me to organize thing and these baskets would be the perfect home for make up and hair accessories on my dresser. 

Visually I've been in love with Carlie Trosclair's fabric sculptures. Carlie is a sculptor and installation artist in New Orleans. 

Currently Listening To: 
Big Thief - Can't stop listening since my brother recommended them to me. Adrianne Lenker's voice is hauntingly beautiful. 



From The Shop:
Rolla's Ruby Daisies Dress: So cute & flattering. Makes me excited for Spring! 

Tribe Alive Everyday Pant: Comfy like sweatpants,  but nicer looking. Made ethically & sustainably by women in India. 

Currently Listening To:
Lucid by Raveena. 


Favorite Style Insta: @SarahShabcon - Her style is what I describe as "effortlessly comfortable cool". Think knit pants, oversized sweaters, lots of layers; which is my favorite why to be in the winter when I'm cold and don't want to wear rigid denim & other constricting clothing. 


Host - A Modern Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Feeding Your Friends:

This makes for the most beautiful table book and is filled with beautiful yet approachable ideas. 

From The Shop:

ASTR Regis Mock Neck Sweater: This sweater is my favorite in the shop right now. IT's the perfect oatmeal color, so soft and the sleeves give it some extra flair. 
NOTO Hydra Highlighter Stick: Gives the absolute perfect glow. 
Rolla's Ruby Daisies Dress: I just love everything about it. 

Latest Read:

Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell. I am so interested in how the mind works and why we often are the way we are/do the things we do. Malcolm Gladwell is such an excellent journalist and writer, and he does a fantastic job of observing our culture and raising questions/challenging norms.

Can't Stop Munching On: 

Chocolate Hummus from Trader Joe's. First of all, I am a fan of pretty much ever product TJ's puts out there. But their chocolate hummus. I eat it every day. And I do not plan on stopping any time soon. 

A Trend I Love: 

I can't say this is a "new" trend, but it's certainly here to stay: oversized blazers. Honestly, I always feel cooler when I throw on a blazer, and I think the oversized look is a playful take on a classic piece. Maria and Chanel have been finding beautiful vintage ones for the shop lately.


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