August W. 18th Street Block Party | Community & Friends Shopping Event

August W. 18th Street Block Party | Community & Friends Shopping Event

 Join us & our neighbors this Saturday, August 17th
for the biggest W. 18th Street Block Party yet! 

All the shops on the block will be open, there will be amazing vendors and makers popping up throughout the street, tarot readings at Oracle, delicious food from Urban Cafe, Dead Beet Taco Shop, and Da Poke Wagon, & specialty cocktails from Belt Cocktail will be served at our shop. 


Maker Pop-Up Spotlight:

Looking to expand creatively, Jess Macy gave herself the personal challenge to create 99 unique paintings starting mid October of 2018. After finishing the challenge, Jess began to create prints of a few pieces from the 99 days as well as new works with retro and nature inspiration.
Taylor Triano, a Bauer studio resident, is the one woman show behind COMMONWILD flag co. She creates vintage inspired flags, patches, and apparel. Her custom work is incredible and can be seen at many spots around Kansas City.
Babes Helpin' Babes
Babes Helpin’ Babes is a women’s initiative that exists to ensure the female voices and perspectives in the workplace are heard, validated & valued. A diverse group of designers came together to bring BHB to life. A logo, zine, merchandise and poster series were created to spread the message.
Easton K.
 Easton K. is dedicated to raising awareness about the fashion industry's impact on the environment and creating "slow-fashion" sustainable, hand-crafted garments that advance the relationship between people and the environment. 
Virgil's Plant Shop
Virgil's Plant Shop is Kansas City's traveling houseplant oasis, bringing the joy of taking home a new plant baby alongside a curated collection of plant accessories made by local artists.
Metallic Fern 
Metallic Fern is the collection of beautiful and unique paper plants & bouquets created by paper artist Ama Adams. 

 & many more! 

We can't wait to enjoy the day with you! xx



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